Should You Use CBD Oil for Tooth Pain?

If you are suffering from a painful toothache or just had an extraction, you may be wondering how effective CBD oil for tooth pain can be. 

Oral pain is unlike any other, and it can be caused by so many things. Before you run off to the dentist or reach for a bottle of painkillers, let’s take a deep dive into CBD oil for tooth pain. We’ll cover some of the common causes of oral pain, and explain how CBD oil may be able to alleviate some of it. We’ll also explain all the other benefits this impressive little compound can have in other areas of your dental hygiene, and give you instructions on how to add it to your regimen. 

What are common causes of tooth pain?

Tooth pain can be caused by a number of things, but it’s usually the result of poor dental hygiene. Whether you are a weak brusher, you don’t floss enough, tooth pain is usually the result of our own laziness.

But, sometimes tooth pain can occur even if you floss and brush well twice a day. Maybe you have poor enamel genetically, and there is nothing you can do to prevent cavities. Here is a full list of things that can cause tooth pain:

  • Toothache 
  • Tooth Decay
  • Sensitivity
  • Swollen Gums

Instead of popping another pain killer or spending hundreds on an unnecessary dental visit, can CBD do anything to help with these conditions?

Can CBD oil help tooth pain?

CBD is becoming a more and more traditional medicine, as we learn how many different ailments it can alleviate. One of the most well-known uses for CBD is for pain in general, but does this translate to tooth pain specifically?

How cbd oil can alleviate toothaches

Studies have shown that CBD can in fact help manage the pain from a toothache, and it actually does so very effectively. Cannabidiol does two different things to accomplish this.

For one, it is an anti-inflammatory. Much of the pain from toothaches is inflammatory, so eliminating as much of this inflammation around or in the tooth as possible is a key first step in managing pain.

But, CBD goes even further than this. It interacts directly with our pain receptors, through the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. So it actively lowers your pain, while decreasing the inflammation that caused it in the first place!

CBD can also help with other types of oral pain, such as sensitivity and swollen gums. 

How CBD oil helps with oral sensitivity

Another common case of oral pain is just sensitivity in your mouth. It isn’t necessarily specific to one tooth, but rather your gums and/or teeth in general. 

This is often caused by low enamel and poor diet. But, if you are dealing with oral sensitivity, you may have hope yet!

Studies have shown that CBD oil can provide a buffer between the damaged and exposed areas of your mouth, lowering the pain you feel.

Can CBD slow tooth decay?

Another painful oral condition is tooth decay. This is a painful condition where your enamel breaks down and in turn, so do your teeth. CBD can help with the pain aspect of this, but can it slow the decaying itself?

Turns out, CBD also has bone stimulating and strengthening properties. This strengthens your teeth, lowering the chance they’ll decay. And, CBD’s antiinflammatory properties have been shown to slow, stop, and in some cases, reverse minor tooth decay.

What else can CBD oil do for oral care?

As it turns out, CBD can do more than just manage oral pain. This cannabinoid can actually do quite a few different things for our oral health. 

It can act as an anti-bacterial, destroying bacteria and suppressing the growth of more in your mouth. 

On top of that, CBD oil is an antiseptic, which means it can slow the growth of microbes in general. These both add up to a cleaner mouth. So, adding CBD to your oral hygiene routine is not such a bad idea, mouth pain or not!

What is the best cbd oil for tooth pain?

Now that you know CBD oil may be the answer for your tooth pain, you are likely wondering the best way to take it. 

With the emergence of so many different types of CBD products, which is the right one? We recommend using New Life CBD oil for tooth pain. 

The way you apply it will depend on the severity of your pain. If you are having a minor toothache, you can apply the CBD topically you your jaw near the affected tooth, and it will absorb into that region and start the healing process.

For more severe toothaches, you may want to apply a small bit of CBD oil directly to your tooth for quick, effective pain relief. 

Stop suffering today, grab some high quality CBD oil for your tooth pain today!

How to use CBD oil for general oral care

If you don’t necessarily have any pain, but just want to regularly give your teeth and gums a healthy dose of CBD for its anti-decaying, antiseptic, and antibacterial conditions, there are a few ways you can go about it.

These days, there is cannabis-infused toothpaste, but we do not recommend these as they are typically formulated with low quality CBD to keep costs low.  

Instead, you are far better off using New Life CBD products and formulating your own toothpaste, by adding a few drops onto your toothpaste a few times a week. You don’t necessarily need to do this every day, as long as you consistently do it once or twice on a weekly basis you will get the benefits.

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